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Crop Circles – The Hidden Form

I cannot think of a more inspirational way of awakening interest in geometry and how it affects us, than to have the exquisite forms behind the crop circle phenomenon placed before us, as the author has done in this book. The Hidden Form shows a new way of experiencing the crop circle mystery, and it also gives us insights into structures of the natural world. A kind of hidden language is being revealed that the universe seems to be showing to us, but it is a language which cannot easily be expressed in words.
This book does a magnificent job in opening a door on to an exciting and magical realm.
Colin Andrews

Introduction by John Michell
 1 Hypermaths For the Schoolchildren of Tomorrow
 2 Vesica Pisces oZo • A Twelvefold Vesica and Diatonic Harmony • Ratio • Binary Fission
 3 The Triune Pattern Web of Triangles • The Sphere Within • Harlequin • Tangents Touching •
Triune Mandala • Triangle Yantra • Circles Touching • Triangle Packing • Borromean RingsFormat:
perfect bound
250mm x 170mm
ISBN 1-903035-11-2 
 4 Squares and Cubes House of Pi • The Maltese Cross •
Cube with Sphere • Escher Cube • Lino Floor Pattern • Chilcombe Down • Squaring the Circle • Contact
 5 Pentagram / Pentagon The Double Pentagram •
A Nest of Pentagrams • Spider Web
 6 Sixfold Symmetry Hexagon with Diamonds • A Pentagram in Perspective • Japanese Origami • Hemp Leaf • The Dolphins
 7 The Heptagon Septile Angle • The Heptagon Sequence •
A Bi-Heptagon Mandala • A Star-Heptagon
 8 Fractal Form Koch Fractal • Inverse Koch Fractal •
The Koch Snowflake • Sierpinsky Sieve
 9 Spirals DNA • Triple Spiral • Spiral Mandala
10 Others A Ninefold Star • Spirit of Escher • The Compass Rose • Octahedron • Star-Octagon • Hexagon Brooch • A Golden Chain
11 Astronomy Asteroid Belt • Lunar Month • Moons in the Year • Sidereal Moon • A Twelvefold Mandala • Beltane Wheel
12 The Plot Thickens The Cardioid • Tri- cycloids •
Vertigo Wheel • Magnetic Field • The Cushion • Hopi Moiré • Revolving