Crop Circles Hypermaths Poster Set new

Crop Circle Hypermaths Poster Set

These full-colour A2 posters beautifully demonstrate the inspiring new, holistic geometry/mathematics that has been expressed in the British crop-circle ‘Field Art’ over the last decade. Each poster covers a single ‘agrilyph’ and discusses the ‘latent geometry’ underlying their formation, that is the basis of their aesthetic appeal. They are designed to be suitable for school use, bringing a sense of wonder and delight into the study of mathematics. From geometry spirals to binary fission, from the golden ratio present in pentagrams to 3-D optical illusions, these posters will help bring artistic and spiritual meaning into maths studies.

They are based on the book ‘Crop Circles, The Hidden Form’ by Nick Kollerstrom – a work containing no prejudgement on the authorship of these formations. At only £16 + VAT per set of six, they are surely very good value for money.

Price: £16 + VAT ( £18.80 inc. VAT) per set of six – supplied in a tube.