Travels in Wessex Book Cover

249mm x 169mm
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Travels in Wessex

Douglas Stuckey

ISBN 978-1-903035-39-9

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This short book records briefly the very first travellers in Wessex and the green pathways which they developed for their journeys – the first in Europe, perhaps the first anywhere. Wessex was created by waves of later invaders, especially the Saxons who gave it its name, followed by Normans, all people whose origins were in the forests of Germany and the coasts of northern Europe.

Ironically, although a proportion of its inhabitants continued long voyages of trade and exploration the settled countryside of the homeland was peopled for centuries by folk who travelled only a few miles in a lifetime, without incentive and neither the financial nor, indeed, physical means to do more. The Fiennes, the Pepys and the Evelyns whose diaries enlighten us were wealthy products of the establishment – ‘going to London’ only became widely possible (and likely) in the nineteenth century with the coming of the railway where we have ended our story. Now with the aeroplane a new flood of immigrants has joined us, perhaps more swiftly and significantly than the lordships of the Saxons and Normans. For instance, the Reading of biscuits and seeds and markets, the Aldbrickham of Hardy’s stories, now has a population speaking over 100 languages and with more people commuting into its digital workplaces daily than out. What new rich layers will be laid down overlaying our fascinating and magical past?


  • ...and did those feet
  • Henges and Pax Romana Britannica
  • From Over the Water – Sea Kings, Saints & Settlers
  • A Long March to Sun Up
  • A Reckless Acceleration of Pace
  • Tolls for the Brave
  • In their own words
  • Hosts, Hostelries and Gentlemen of the Road
  • Canals and Inland Navigation
  • Trollope – a Man of Letters
  • Change and Decay
  • The Making of the Iron Roads
  • Thomas Hardy

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