Wessex - A Journey through Two Thousand Years Book Cover

saddle stitched
16pp colour
250mm x 170mm

Wessex - A Journey through Two Thousand Years

Roger Crisp

ISBN: 0-9529619-5-4

Wessex is the birthplace of a nation and its history includes the arrival of the Romans, the law giving of Alfred the Great, the greatness of Winchester, the Civil War and the coming of the railways.

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  • Two Thousand Years of Wessex
  • The Roman Invasion
  • The First King of England
  • Alfred the Great
  • The Norman Invasion
  • Landowners and Feudalism
  • Genealogy of the Saxon Kings
  • Winchester's Royal Decline
  • From Black Death to Lollards
  • Map of Wessex
  • Trade and Farming
  • Trades and the Church
  • From Civil War to 'Bloody Assizes'
  • Eighteenth-Century Trade
  • Bad Times on the Land
  • The Coming of the Railways
  • Bibliography

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