Prehistoric Sites in Cornwall Book Cover

210mm x 150mm
Colour throughout

Prehistoric Sites in Cornwall

John Michell

ISBN: 1-903035-18-x

The great stone monuments of Cornwall that we see today are the abandoned ruins of an elaborate social and religious system that lasted for a thousand years or more. One of its achievements was to maintain a large, simple-living but highly cultured population in a countryside that is now mostly barren waste.

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  • The Uniqueness of Cornwall
  • Lyonesse: The Lost Lands
  • The Megalithic Mystery
  • The Stone Circle Builders
  • Stone Circles and Alignments
  • The Celts and the Iron Age
  • Monuments of the Iron Age
  • The story updated
  • The End of Pre-history
  • Map of Cornish Prehistoric Sites
  • Stone Circles and Standing Stones
  • Some Cornish Circles
  • Megalithic Alignments
  • St Michael’s Mount and the Giants
  • The St Michael Line and Icknield Street
  • Gazetteer, Bibliography
  • The Drama of Prehistoric Life

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