Sir Christopher Wren Book Cover

48pp colour
section sewn
separate cover with spine
map chronology
events and personalities
245mm x 170mm

Sir Christopher Wren

Michael St John Parker


The reign of Charles II (1660-85) during which Wren's talent was first recognized and given free rein, was a time in which literature and the arts were valued for their own sake. Many other clever men, whose fields of interest left no areas of learning untouched, were working at the same time as Wren, who was, nevertheless, one of the most versatile, inventive and fertile talents of his age.

This short study of Wren's life and work is a summary of his greatness, but it is also an exploration of the way in which this fascinating genius fitted into the turbulent history of the time.

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  • 'That miracle of a youth'
  • 'Our English Vitruvius'
  • The Great Fire
    Oxford, Cambridge, London, Salisbury
  • The City Churches
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • 'a very sincere honest man'
  • 'and a little for pompe'
  • 'The court style's Indian summer'
  • Hampton Court
  • Kensington Palace
  • 'having made some Figure in the World' Chronology
  • Events and Personalities 1632-1723

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