Leylines of Wessex Book Cover

250mm x 170mm
Colour throughout

Ley Lines of Wessex

Roger Crisp

ISBN: 978-0-9529619-3-2

Is there a reason for features - both manmade and natural - to sit on straight lines?

The ley line itself is invisible, it is only apparent by the alignments that suggest its existence. So, in discussing whether ley lines have any significance, or indeed exist, we have to consider whether the features and sites that occur on them have any reason to be on the line.

Alfred Watkins invited people to test out his observations with maps, rulers, fieldwork. If nothing else you will discover secret places. Places where it will feel as if you are the first person to tread the ground in thousands of years.

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  • A First Step Along a Ley Line
    Old Sarum Ley
  • The Straight Lines of Britain
    Stonehenge Cursus Line
  • Ley Lines in Perspective
    Glastonbury Alignment
  • Identifying a Ley Line
  • Cerne Abbas Ley
  • Objections and Queries
    Maiden Castle Ley
  • Some Wessex Ley Lines
  • Beyond Watkins
  • Alignment Folklore
  • Useful old English

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