Jutland Letters Book Cover

210mm x 150mm

Jutland Letters

Harriet Bachrach

ISBN 1-903035-26-0

The Jutland letters collected and edited here by Charles Le Mesurier's granddaughter, Harriet Bachrach, provide vivid social and political comment on the First World War.

The Commodore's son, Captain E.K. Le Mesurier RN who some years later captained HMS Belfast, 1948-50, has written his own recollections in which he compares his training with that of his father, whose life was cut short tragically by illness in November 1917.

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  • Foreword by Julian Thompson
  • Introduction by Harriet Bachrach
  • Letters sent from HMS Calliope
    The First Communiqué, issued to the Press, concerning the Battle of Jutland
  • Letters sent from HMS Caroline
  • Letters to Ted
  • Last Letters
  • Recollections of Captain E.K. Le Mesurier RN
  • Time Line of the Great War
  • Books and other sources used

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