Iron Age Celts in Wessex Book Cover

Fold out Map
250mm x 170mm
Colour throughout

Iron Age Celts in Wessex

David Allen

ISBN: 978-1-903035-29-0

The Iron Age was a time of very rapid change in the south of Britain. Archaeologists have been excavating Iron Age sites for over 150 years in Wessex. As a result of excavations at hill forts like Maiden Castle and Danebury, and less obvious settlements like the marsh-edge villages of Glastonbury and Meare, a detailed picture of daily life can be built up.

In 55 BC Julius Caesar landed in Kent on the first of two brief expeditions. Ninety years later the Roman armies of occupation arrived.

Professor Barry Cunliffe

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  • Map of Iron Age Wessex
  • Gazetteer
  • Wessex timeline
  • Before the Iron Age
  • Iron Age Celts
  • Celtic Art and Influence
  • A Tribal Society
  • Hill Forts
  • Danebury Ring
  • Weapons and Warfare
  • Other Types of Site
  • A Farmer's Life
  • Trade
  • Religion and Ritual
  • Late Iron Age
  • The Arrival of Rome
  • Further reading, viewing and visiting

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