An introduction to Crop Circles Book Cover

250mm x 170mm
Colour throughout

An Introduction to Crop Circles

Andy Thomas

ISBN: 978-1-903035-37-5

This new edition is fully revised and updated. It is a concise guide to the strange and wonderful mystery of the enigmatic shapes which appear in fields each summer.

Lucy Pringle's stunning photos enhance Andy Thomas' investigation of crop circle history and evolution. Accounts of aerial lights and other associated strange phenomena are included and many theories to account for the appearance of the circles are discussed. What are the implications of such an ongoing and visible puzzle, and what could it mean for our times?

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  • Introduction: A Modern Mystery
  • What are Crop Circles?
  • Inside a Formation
  • Crop Circle History
  • Mysterious or Man-Made?
  • The Evolution of the Designs
  • Crop Circle Research
  • Eye Witnesses and Experiences
  • Theories and Beliefs
  • Crop Circle Timeline
  • Further Information
  • Epilogue

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