Crop Circles - The Hidden Form Book Cover

perfect bound
250mm x 170mm

Crop Circles - The Hidden Form

Nick Kollerstrom

ISBN: 1-903035-11-2

I cannot think of a more inspirational way of awakening interest in geometry and how it affects us, than to have the exquisite forms behind the crop circle phenomenon placed before us, as the author has done in this book. A kind of hidden language is being revealed that the universe seems to be showing to us, but it is a language which cannot easily be expressed in words.

Colin Andrews

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  • Introduction by John Michell
  • Hypermaths For the Schoolchildren of Tomorrow
  • Conclusion
    Appendices: Galactic Alignment • Fun with Phi •
    Triangle Trig. • Data and Web Access • Useful Refs.
    Map showing main distribution of crop circles in the UK
  • Bibliography • Related discussion

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