Crop Circle Hypermaths Poster Set

Nick Kollerstrom

Asteroid Belt Poster

Asteroid Belt

Magnetic Field Poster

Magnetic Field

The Dolphins Poster

The Dolphins

Binary Fission Poster

Binary Fission

Vertigo Wheel Poster

Vertigo Wheel

The Double Pentagram Poster

The Double Pentagram

These full-colour A2 posters beautifully demonstrate the inspiring new, holistic geometry/mathematics that has been expressed in the British crop-circle 'Field Art' over the last decade. Each poster covers a single 'agrilyph' and discusses the 'latent geometry' underlying their formation, that is the basis of their aesthetic appeal. They are designed to be suitable for school use, bringing a sense of wonder and delight into the study of mathematics. From geometry spirals to binary fission, from the golden ratio present in pentagrams to 3-D optical illusions, these posters will help bring artistic and spiritual meaning into maths studies.

They are based on the book 'Crop Circles, The Hidden Form' by Nick Kollerstrom - a work containing no prejudgement on the authorship of these formations.

At only £16 per set of six, they are very good value for money.


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