Civil War in Wessex Book Cover

250mm x 170mm

Civil War in Wessex

Alan Turton

ISBN: 978-1-903035-46-7

This lively and well-illustrated book tells the story of one of the most dramatic periods in the region’s history, as the people of Wessex found themselves embroiled in a bloody and destructive civil war. An acknowledged expert in the English Civil War and along-standing member of the Battlefields Trust, Alan Turton brings the key events of the time – hard-fought battles, exhausting sieges, narrow escapes – vividly to life and offers a splendid introduction into just what happened, where and why.

Battlefields Trust Wessex Region.

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  • The Siege of Portsmouth
  • The Battle of Babylon Hill
  • The Battle of Lansdown
  • The Battle of Roundway Down
  • The Battle of Aldbourne Chase
  • The Storming of Alton
  • The Siege of Wardour Castle
  • The Battle of Cheriton
  • The Siege of Lyme Regis
  • The Siege of Basing House
  • The Siege of Taunton and Battle of Langport
  • Clubmen
  • ‘Like Vipers in the Bowels’
  • A Royal Prisoner
  • The World Turned Upside Down

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