Avebury - Sun, Moon and Earth Book Cover

250mm x 170mm
Colour throughout

AVEBURY - Sun, Moon and Earth

Wheatley and Taylor

ISBN: 978-1-903035-30-6

The people who recognised the sacredness of this place thousands of years ago had knowledge beyond our modern understanding, and were sensitive to the subtle energetic nuances of the earth's nervous system as it responded to solar and cosmic forces. This book begins to bridge the gap between left-brained science-orientated minds and the increasing number of sensitives (scientists included) who are prepared to expand their perceptions to encompass more of the intriguing anomalies we keep finding in our daily lives.

Hamish Miller

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  • Beginnings
  • The Sun and the Stones
  • Exploring earth mysteries
  • Silbury, the Sanctuary and the end of an era
  • Places to visit in the Avebury area

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